The King of Blue

a new musical film

Written and Composed by 

Douglas Ladnier

based on a true story

the story

A talented, young singer/songwriter who struggles with addiction, depression, love, loss and sexual orientation confusion - embarks on a musical and poetic journey toward understanding and healing the dramatic effects from a personal childhood trauma. Based on a true story, THE KING OF BLUE illustrates a unique rite of passage from darkness into light - a powerful, personal account exploring the strength, heart and depth of the human and artistic experience.

the music

Love Songs

Life Songs

THE KING OF BLUE features a collection of ballads and beats with melodic hooks and meaningful messages – heartbreaking ballads and A/C rock hits with existential lyrics and words of wisdom spanning more than a decade in the artist's life.

Sample songs available below.

the creators

Douglas Ladnier is a NYC and LA based writer, composer and lyricist and an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter who has performed around the world in concerts and theater as well as in the Broadway production of Jekyll & Hyde. His collaboration with Barrett Yeretsian led to the groundbreaking music of  the LA-based rock band beat&path. Barrett has sold more than 8 million songs worldwide as a co-writer and producer for the international hit "Jar of Hearts" and others.


The King of Blue – First Drafts

featuring Mat Vairo, Hilary Maiberger & Douglas Ladnier


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